The Rawlings Foundation, Inc.

In 2000, The Rawlings Foundation, Inc. was created as an extension of the long history of mission and outreach by the Rawlings family. The purpose of the Foundation is to further the advancement of Christian education, values and teachings around the world, and support those in need in our local communities. To accomplish this mission, the Foundation receives its financial support from the successful operations of The Rawlings Group.

The breadth and variety of the programs of The Rawlings Foundation are amazing, including:

  • Operation of youth camps in less developed countries, including Cambodia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Through these outreach efforts, over 273,000 young people around the world were introduced to Christian values and teachings in 2019. In spite of the pandemic, in 2020 the Foundation connected with over 83,000 youths, and provided shelter to first responders and supply distribution to those in need.
  • Development of a new international camp location. In 2020, the Foundation broke ground on a beautiful facility in Guatemala, and the first camping activities occurred this summer.
  • Operation of CityPlace, a center for economic development and community activities in LaGrange, Kentucky. In 2019, CityPlace hosted over 75 events, from corporate training programs and anniversary celebrations to cornhole tournaments and proms. In addition, the facility held a concert performance with The Louisville Orchestra that was attended by over 1,100 people. In 2020, CityPlace introduced an application process for Special Use Grants, allowing local non-profit organizations to utilize the facility for fundraising and other events at no cost.
  • Financial support to colleges and universities in the U.S. promoting missionary work and medical research.
  • Financial support to local non-profit organizations, including Cedar Lake and Pillar (for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities). The Foundation also provides matching funds for contributions of employees of The Rawlings Group.

The far-reaching impact of The Rawlings Foundation within our local community, as well as nationally and internationally, would not be possible without the efforts of each of the employees of The Rawlings Group. It is the success of the Company that allows the Foundation to accomplish so much throughout the world.

Rawlings Foundation Dominican Republic
The Rawlings Foundation – Camp in the Dominican Republic
Rawlings Foundation - Colombia
The Rawlings Foundation – Camp in Colombia
CityPlace Concert
CityPlace Concert