National Subrogation Law Manual

2010 Edition - National Subrogation Law Manual

The laws of subrogation and insurance reimbursement claims are changing at a constant rate. The 14th edition of our law manual, with over 500 pages, is the only compilation of up-to-date subrogation research and analysis of the impact of each state's statutes and case law on health insurance subrogation and reimbursement claims. This manual is a necessary source of information and research that will serve Law Departments and Subrogation Divisions of Health Benefit Indemnity Companies, HMOs, PPOs, and third-party administrators (TPAs).

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Topics Discussed In The Manual Include:

  • Subrogation as a Basis for Recovery
  • Reimbursement as a Basis for Recovery
  • Liens as a Basis for Recovery
  • Third Party Defenses to Subrogation
  • Insufficient Funds to Satisfy All Claims
  • Claims by the Insured's Attorney for Fees
  • The "Collateral Source" Rule
  • Sources of Recovery
  • The Federal Employees Health Benefits Act
  • An Overview of ERISA and the Pre-emption of State Law

The subrogation/reimbursement laws of each state are also summarized. Each state summary includes a discussion specific to the position of:

  • State and applicable federal laws regarding equitable and contractual subrogation
  • The right of reimbursement
  • The common fund doctrine
  • Made whole rules (where applicable)
  • The negligence standard
  • Required insurance coverages
  • Statues of limitation.

Each state summary also has a section discussing relevant laws unique to that state.

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